Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

The Boardwalk Hotel and Casino was operated by MGM Mirage hotel and casino complex in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was built before the era of the mega- casinos and was small in comparison to its neighboring hotel with only 654 rooms.

The theme of the hotel was Coney Iceland. A special feature of the hotel had a ( non-functioning ) wooden roller coaster. Hotel consisted of three different buildings that were built at different times. The newest building was the 16 -storey hotel tower, which was built in 1996. Another special feature of the Surf Buffet was founded in 1998 in a - converted 24 - hour buffet - on the Las Vegas Strip once.


Originally an independent hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip, the hotel was taken over by the Boardwalk Casino Inc. in 1994. It was sold to MGM Mirage in 1997.

The hotel was closed on 9 January 2006 and demolished on 9 May 2006 by blowing up the hotel tower to make room for the new Project City Center.

36.107777777778 - 115.17583333333Koordinaten: 36 ° 6 ' 28 " N, 115 ° 10' 33 " W

  • Former hotel in the United States
  • Hotel in Las Vegas
  • Destroyed in the 2000s

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