Bob Andras

Robert Knight Andras PC ( born February 20, 1921 in Lachine, Montreal, Quebec; † 17 November 1982) was a Canadian entrepreneur and politician of the Liberal Party, which was more a Member of the House of Commons and Minister.


Andras joined as a soldier of the Canadian Army and took part in the Second World War. Later he was a member of the army and was last promoted to Major. After retiring from the Army he worked as in the private sector and was initially 1958 Executive of the car trading company Gibson Motors Ltd. , Whose owner he was in 1960.

In the general election of 8 November 1965, he was first elected as a candidate of the Liberal Party for the Members of the House and took there first until the general election on 22 May 1979 constituency Port Arthur and then until his retirement from the House of Commons on 17 February 1980 the constituency of Thunder Bay - Nipigon. At the beginning of his parliamentary membership, he was a member of several Permanent Ausschüsses of the House.

On July 6, 1968 Andras was appointed by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau for the first time in the 20 Government of Canada, first as Minister without Portfolio. In a cabinet reshuffle, he was on June 30, 1971 Minister of State for Urban Affairs and thereafter on January 28, 1972 Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs. With a further reshuffle Trudeau appointed him on 27 November 1972 Minister of Manpower and Immigration, before he was President of the Treasury on September 14, 1976. Last Andras was in the 20th cabinet of 24 November 1978 to June 3, 1979 Minister of State for Economic Development.