Bob Gardiner (animator)

James Robbins "Bob" Gardiner ( born March 19, 1951 in Torrance, † 21 April 2005 in Grass Valley, California ) was an American animator.


Gardiner grew up as one of six siblings in Südkaliformien and Reno, Nevada. He attended the California College of the Arts in Oakland. He lived for ten years in Oregon and moved in 1991 to Grass Valley, where he died in 2005 and was buried. From a relationship with Kara Evenson come two daughters.

Gardiner was varied active: As Knetanimator he created promotional films and 1974 with Will Vinton short film Closed Mondays, for which he won an Oscar. Since he used for his plasticine animation plasticine instead, he described his films as " sculptimations ". Gardiner has also performed as a musician and wrote with Mason Williams skits for two TV programs at the Smothers Brothers. He also worked as a painter. 2005 Gardiner took his own life.



Pictures of Bob Gardiner (animator)