Bob Livingston

Robert ( Bob) Linlithgow Livingston Jr. ( born April 30, 1943 in Colorado Springs, Colorado) is an American politician. He was 1977-1999 Republican congressman in the House of Representatives of the United States for the state of Louisiana.


Livingston was born in Colorado and later grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana on. He is married to Bonnie Livingston.

Political career

After studying law at Tulane University Livingston was first employees of several Republican politicians. Mid-70s, he was head of the department for combating organized crime under the Democratic Attorney General of Louisiana, William J. Guste. 1977 he managed a narrow victory in the election to the House of Representatives for Louisiana's 1st congressional district. Livingston was in this office since the time of Reconstruction, the first Republican. 1978 Livingston was confirmed with 86 percent of the vote in his office, which he held until 1999.

1987 Livingston competed unsuccessfully for governor in Louisiana. He finished third behind the two Democrats Buddy Roemer and Edwin Edwards, falling short of a place in the runoff, has now lapsed after Edwards ' withdrawal later. During the first 18 years as a congressman Livingston had not worked in prominent position. It was, however, succeeded early on to gain a seat on the influential Appropriations Committee, which has the control of public expenditure. In 1995 he was appointed Chairman of the Committee, after the Republicans won a majority in the House of Representatives at the 1994 election. As Chairman Livingston became one of the most influential politicians of the Republican Party.

During his political career took Livingston worth conservative positions. So he called in the context of the Lewinsky scandal, the resignation of Bill Clinton as U.S. president.

Withdrawal and further career

1998 Livingston was proposed after the resignation of Newt Gingrich from the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives from the Republicans as his successor. Gingrich had resigned after losses of Republicans during the 1998 election as Speaker. Livingston was proposed without opposition. Before he could take office, but was claimed by the publicist and publisher Larry Flynt, Livingston had had an extramarital affair. Livingston gave the allegations to, withdrew his candidacy as a speaker and announced in May 1999 to resign as an MP.

Since his retirement Livingston has worked as a lobbyist in Washington.