Bob Rafelson

Bob Rafelson ( born February 21, 1933, New York City ) is an American film director.


Rafelson is one of the young directors who revolutionized eingeschlafene Hollywood with sophisticated screenplays and films in the late 1960s and thus belongs to the group of directors of the New Hollywood. After he had struck with odd jobs through life, Rafelson studied philosophy. For the film, he came over the television. He won an Emmy Award the mid-1960s for the creation of the first artificially created through television pop group The Monkees. With them he also shot his first film, Head. Five Easy Pieces in 1970 was then at the forefront of the American auteur cinema. He was nominated for Best Picture and Best Screenplay Oscar in the category for this film. At the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, he was honored as Best Director.