Bob Track

Bobbaan in Efteling ( Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands) is a steel roller coaster model from Swiss Bob the manufacturer Intamin, which was opened in 1985.

Bobbaan has eight individual cars with room for six passengers. The original bobsleigh individual seats one behind the other were replaced in 2005 by slides which have two seats per row in order to achieve a higher capacity and shorten the extremely long queues of up to 90 minutes. The original bobsleds, sleighs replace the wooden style, as in the classic Austrian Alps style of the station. The original trains were sold to Six Flags Over Texas, and find at the La Vibora Bobsled application. In order to reduce the noise level for night driving license, the original steel wheels were replaced by softer. The path winds through the trees and has some runs, curves and points at which the ride reaches high speeds. The music in the station is traditional Austrian music.