Typhoon in Bobbejaanland

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Bobbejaanland is a theme park in Belgium, which was built in 1961 by the Belgian singer and entertainer Bobbejaan Schoepen, who became famous in the 1960s for the German speaking under the name Bobbejaan.

This life's work resulted from the music career of Schoepen: After 15 years of international success and several tours Schoepen sought a permanent place for his performances. From 1959 to 1961 he was in the Belgian Lichtaart (Part municipality of Turnhout ) built a theater with 1,000 seats, which he named after the idea of his manager Jaak Kluger Bobbejaanland.

The focus of the young parks were a 2.2 km long sandy beach, water fun, small attractions and vaudeville, in which Schoepen also occurred yourself. Other well-known artists gave there guest performances, either as guests in the program of Bobbejaan itself or with its own shows, among other things, Ilse Werner, Rex Gildo, Michael Holm and Rudi Carrell.

On the advice of Phantasialand - owner Gottlieb Löffelhardt Schoepen built from 1975 the park more and more of a family and leisure park. Bobbejaanland thus became a major tourist attraction in the Benelux countries as well as in the border areas of France and Germany.

2004 Bobbejaanland was sold to the Spanish group Parques Reunidos.


Roller coasters

  • Bob Express, powered coaster from Mack
  • DIZZ, spinning coaster by Maurer Söhne
  • Dreamcatcher, Suspended Coaster Vekoma
  • Oki Doki, family coaster from Vekoma
  • Revolution, Dark coaster from Vekoma
  • Speedy Bob, Wild Mouse by Mack
  • Typhoon roller coaster with 97 ° first drop of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides

Water rides

  • Big Bang, water slide
  • El Rio, Rapid River
  • Indiana River, flume complete interior, partly in the dark
  • La Rotonde, round boat trip
  • Wild Water Slide, Log Flume
  • Banana Battle; by Preston & Barbieri

High & round rides

Theme & tours

  • El Paso Special, Interactive Dark Ride
  • Monorail, Monorail
  • Pony Ride, riding school
  • Reuzenrad, Ferris Wheel
  • Horse pedalo, Tretbahn


  • Bobbejaanland Horse Show
  • Desperados City, Interactive Cinema

Pictures of Bobbejaanland