Bobbio is a municipality in the province of Piacenza in Emilia -Romagna in northern Italy with 3710 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012), but also an abbey (612 ) and a diocese (1014 ). The village lies in the valley of Trebbia southwest of the town Piacenza. Bobbio was formerly Bobium or Ebovium. Since 23 February 1990, Bobbio twinned Ybbs on the Danube.

Coat of arms

Description: a continuous red wicked cross in oval shield on the arms of two white doves with golden beaks and feet turn to In White. About the coat of arms, a five towers golden mural crown and the sign foot two branches with the ribbon in the national colors bound.


The Irish monk Columbanus of Luxeuil (Italian Colombano ) founded here 612 an abbey, where he also died on 21 November 615. The Monastery of San Colombano was sponsored by the Lombard princes, and was in the fight against Arianism an important center.

The town of Bobbio belonged since 1748 to Savoy. 1859 to 1927 the city was the capital of the eponymous district in the province of Pavia.

On 7 July 1944, the Italian resistance conquered the place and ruled it until it was destroyed by the German army on 27 August of the same year.


  • Ponte Gobbo

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