The Bocar Manufacturing Company was an American automobile manufacturer that was established 1958-1960 in Denver (Colorado). Company founder was Bob Carnes.

Appeared in 1958, the Model XP -4, a super sports car with tube frame chassis and GRP two-seater roadster body. The wheelbase was 2286 mm. Basic engine was a V8 engine from the Chevrolet Corvette with 4638 cc capacity. On request, a V8 engine from Pontiac with 6063 cc capacity could be installed.

1959 replaced the Model XP -5 the XP - fourth Its wheelbase was increased to 2311 m and there was only the Corvette engine with 4.6 l displacement, whose power was 315 bhp (232 kW). The selling price was U.S. $ 8700, -.

1960, the last year of production the XP 5 XP -6 was set aside. The wheelbase was increased again compared to previous models, on 2642 mm. The Corvette engine had received a compressor and its power grew at a constant displacement to 400 bhp (294 kW). The car cost impressive U.S. $ 11 700, -.