Bochum -Linden is a neighborhood in the southwest of Bochum. The former municipality " Linden" was incorporated in 1921 into the new municipality of Linden Dahlhausen.


Linden is located in the south of the city along an ancient trade route and today's Federal Highway 51, the further south crossing the Ruhr to Hattingen. One of the oldest relics belonging to the Horkenstein.

Like its neighboring district of Dahlhausen Linden was originally dominated by agriculture. Both towns then advanced to the first major coal mining area of the present city of Bochum. Many small studs mines consolidated with advancing technology to large mines such as mine Baaker trough mine Peaceful neighbor or mine Hasenwinkel.

Between 1819 and 1870 the population increased from 400 to 2600. The Catholic Church of Our Lady was built in 1865-1866 by the architect Gerhard Barmener August Fischer and Hilger Hertel expanded this year to 1901. The Protestant Christ church was built from 1874 to 1877 after plans by the architect Friedrich Elling Witten house; they burned out in the last days of World War II and was rebuilt from 1950 to 1953. In 1876, the Linden Dahl Hauser Turnverein was founded. 1885 St. Joseph's Hospital Bochum -Linden was opened. The Linden Dahl Hauser Swimming Club was founded in 1921 in 1921.

Formerly a municipality in the district of Hattingen, Linden formed in 1921 together with Dahlhausen the new municipality of Linden Dahlhausen, which was incorporated to Bochum on 1 August 1929. The King's Road was renamed in 1929 in Hattingen road.


One of the personalities was one of the Privy Medical Councillor Ferdinand Kruger. The worker poet Heinrich Kämpchen was a professional miner to mine Hasenwinkel.


Along the road Hattinger are now a variety of retail stores, the Catholic Church of Our Lady, the Protestant Christ Church and market square. Near the center is the Südbad with indoor and outdoor pools.

The infrastructure includes two hospitals. The St. Joseph - Hospital Bochum -Linden opened in 1885 and is a hospital general care. The other, the Protestant Foundation Augusta scoring hospital is now specializing in gerontology.

By Linden tram lines 308 and 318 of Bochum Bochum Hauptbahnhof Coming Gerthe or lead to Hattingen and Bochum- Dahlhausen, operated by the Bogestra.


For Linden and Dahlhausen has a district newspaper, called Lindah established.


In Bochum -Linden following football clubs have their venues:

The SV forest edge Linden takes its name from the position of the adjacent settlement on the edge of Weitmarer wood.

The SG Linden Dahlhausen was created in 1998 from the VfB Linden and the SG Bochum -south. Last turn was created in 1972 from two well-known clubs, SC Dahl Hausen and the MBV Linden 05, three times the rise in the Gauliga Westphalia, the then top division, failed in the 1930s. The SG LiDa shares the venue Lewacker in Linden-Mitte with the SC Amacspor Dahlhausen.

The CSV Sportfreunde Linden ( until its renaming in 2010 DJK Sportfreunde Linden ) was and is the association of the Catholic church and plays as well as the DJK Adler Dahlhausen on the court system in the heating of the rabbit Winkel street where formerly the SC Dahlhausen or SG Bochum South were at home. In the Hei is located in a ravine at the local boundary between Linden and Dahlhausen and was on the grounds of the former garbage dump of the two communities, next to the pit Hasenwinkel created.

Tram in Linden

Bochum -Linden evening