Bocquegney is a commune with 127 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, to Canton Dompaire and the 2000 Local Government Association, founded Secteur de Dompaire.

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The community Bocquegney located 13 kilometers west of Epinal, the prefecture of the department of Vosges.

In the territory of the municipality of spring Rupt Julot and the opening into him Ruisseau de Desainchamp. The Rupt Julot flows off after four kilometers above the lattice and the Madon the Moselle. The bottom relief to Bocquegney is characterized by rolling hills, north of the municipality, the land rises gradually and reaches 411 meters above sea level the highest point. He is not far from a view point with the members of the neighboring community Circourt monumental Croix de Virine.

The settlement area of Bocquegney extends along two axes: on the northern slope above the Rupt Julot in west-east direction and on the valley floor of the Rupt Julot addition to the former railroad station in north -south direction.

Approximately 45 ha or one-tenth of 4.57 km ² large municipality area accounts for the two forest areas in the southeast and in the extreme north of the parish. The majority of the municipal area is used for agriculture.

Neighboring communities of Bocquegney are Bouxières -aux -Bois in the north, and Mazeley Gigney in the northeast, Fomerey in the east, in the southeast Darnieulles, Hennecourt the southwest and west as well as Damas -et- Bettegney and Circourt in the northwest.


1295 emerged the first place as Bouqeugneix in a document on. The local manor belonged initially to the Lords of Bocquegney which were subject to section Remiremont and the Baron in Darnieulles. The spell Bocquegney to which included the present-day municipality Fomerey was later owned by the governors of Darney. The residents were Bocquegneys eingepfarrt in Hennecourt.

From the year 1648 reported that the villagers fled during the attack on Epinal in the castle Darnieulles from the troops of the French king.

Bocquegney had south of the village center a breakpoint on the railway line from Epinal on Neufchâteau to Chaumont. The traffic on the route Neufchâteau Epinal in 1974 set in large parts. The track section Dompaire - Bocquegney - Darnieulles is a road today. At the former station of Bocquegney still remembers the name of a street ( Rue du Gare).


Economy and infrastructure

In addition to a local forest management, agriculture plays the most important role in Bocquegney even today. Some residents commute to the nearby agglomeration Epinal.

Transport links

Just south of the village center leads the two-lane -developed D 166 from Epinal to Vittel / Neufchâteau, north runs the department Straße 6 of Darney after Nomexy.