The Lake District is a district in Baden- Württemberg. He, together with the Ravensburg district and the district of Sigmaringen Upper Swabia region in the district of Tübingen.

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Geographical location

The Lake District extends along the northern shore of Lake Constance, with the subsequent Upper Swabian hills, which merges into the Westallgäuer hill country to the east. It is bordered on the north by the districts of Sigmaringen and Ravensburg, on the east by the Bavarian district of Lindau, in the south of Lake Constance forms the natural border with Switzerland (cantons of Thurgau and St. Gallen) and Austria (Vorarlberg), in the west it borders on the Konstanz district.


In Lake Constance are (as of 19 October 2011) reported 33 nature reserves with a total area of ​​1217.26 hectares ( ha); which corresponds to a share of 1.83 per cent in the area of ​​the circle. There are also 27 designated conservation areas ( 9114.64 ha, 13.71 %), eleven Special Areas of Conservation ( 3900.78 ha, 5.87% ), three bird sanctuaries ( 882.98 ha ), a protected forest ( 35.50 ha), two protected forests ( 137.80 ha) and a total of 175 natural monuments ( 41.51 ha) and 4,508 biotopes.

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The Lake District was formed by the district reform on 1 January 1973 by the union of the district Tettnang with the main part of the district of Überlingen. The county Tettnang in 1934 emerged from the old Württemberg Oberamt Tettnang, which was built in 1810. In 1938 the district was renamed in Tettnang district Friedrichshafen, but later rückbenannt again.

The district of Überlingen in 1936 formed by the union of the Baden district offices Überlingen and Pfullendorf that had been built in 1857 by the union of several offices. With the district reform in 1973 formerly Baden and Württemberg parts were united into one district.

After completion of the municipal reform of the Bodensee district includes another 23 municipalities, including five cities and of these, in turn, two large district towns (Friedrichshafen and Überlingen ). Largest city of the circle is Friedrichshafen, smallest municipality is Stetten.

Population Development

The population figures are census results (¹) or official updates by the State Statistical Office of Baden- Württemberg ( only primary residences ).


The district is administered by the county council and the district administration.


After the last local elections of 7 June 2009, the county council has 62 members. The vote gave the following composition of the County Council:

  • Left: 1
  • SPD: 9
  • Green: 9
  • FDP: 3
  • FW: 15
  • CDU: 24
  • EL Template: Election chart / Maintenance / code: 1

EL = Eriskircher list

District administrators

The District 's legal representative and a representative of the district as well as Chairman of the County Council and its committees. He directs the district office and is an official of the circle. His area of ​​responsibility includes the preparation of the district council meetings and its committees. He shall convene meetings, directs this and implements the decisions taken there. In the bodies he has no voting rights. His deputy is the first state officials.

The district councils of the district Tettnang 1945-1972:

The district councils of the district of Überlingen 1945-1972:

The district administrators of Lake Constance district since 1973:

District partnerships

District partnerships exist to Muldentalkreis in Saxony and powiat częstochowski in Poland.

Coat of arms

The circular crest was awarded the Lake District by resolution of the County Council of 16 December 1975 and the approval of the Central State Archive Stuttgart by the regional council of Tübingen on 27 February 1976. It shows in blue with three silver shaft threads an eight-spoked golden wheel with no rim.

The draft coming from Mark village master painter and experienced heraldist Herbert Vogel had distinguished himself in the run-up to almost 600 designs in one proclaimed by the council contest. Vogel describes the coat of arms as follows:

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Economy and infrastructure

The Lake District is one of the economically most innovative regions in Baden -Württemberg. The State Statistical Office continued the circle even at number one of the innovation index of all districts in the state. This position is largely thanks to the resident high - and high-technology enterprises, including the automotive and mechanical engineers ZF Friedrichshafen AG and MTU, and numerous companies of aviation and space technology, the focus in the western area of Friedrichshafen.

In Lake Constance 56.9 percent of the total area to be used as agricultural land.


The Württemberg State Railways reached with the famous " Swabian Railway " in 1847 from Ulm forth in Friedrichshafen Lake Constance. In contrast, the Lake Belt Railway was by the Baden State Railways until 1895 Radolfzell ago to Überlingen 1901 - built to Friedrichshafen - from the border by the Württemberg State Railways; the eastern section to Lindau was completed in 1899.

The Baden State Railways added the following branch lines added:

The first electrically operated standard gauge railway for passenger and freight transport in Germany was in 1895 opened local railway Meckenbeuren - Tettnang the local railway Aktien-Gesellschaft München.

1922, came the route Friedrichshafen City Oberteuringen the Teuringertal - Bahn GmbH added.

To improve public transport, the interested municipalities founded the Upper Swabia -Bahn GmbH, in which the county holds a 20% stake. It sets since 1993 on the DB route Friedrichshafen Ravensburg additional trains, 1997, it was extended to Aulendorf.

Of the original 94 kilometers of the overall network 26 km have been shut down:

The area of the district is affected by any federal motorway, it is developed by federal, state and county roads. The main highways are the B 31 ( Breisach am Rhein- Lindau), the B 30 (Ulm - Friedrichshafen) and B 33 ( Ravensburg- Offenburg ).

Ferries across Lake Constance Lake Constance connect the circuit from Friedrichshafen to Roman Horn ( CH) and from Meersburg to Konstanz. A catamaran combines Friedrichshafen to Konstanz every hour.

Friedrichshafen Airport, is involved in the GmbH the Bodensee district with 14.38 %, connects the Lake Constance region with numerous destinations at home and abroad.

Jubilee Lake Constance

On Kressbronn station of the Jubilee Lake Constance district, a 111 km long trail that has been set for the 25th anniversary of the Lake Constance district begins in 1998. He leads over six stages from Kressborn through the hinterland via Neukirch, Meckenbeuren, Mark Village, Heiligenberg and Owingen to Überlingen. A group of about ten volunteers paths Wait, acting under the direction of the District Office and in conjunction with the relevant communities of the signage and maintenance of the Jubilee path.

County facilities

The Lake District is the recipient of the education center Mark village secondary school, junior school and high school, the following Professional Schools: Berufsschulzentrum Friedrichshafen with Claude- Dornier -Schule (Business School ) and the Vocational School for the hotel and catering industry in Tettnang, Hugo Eckenerstraße School ( Commercial School ) and Droste- School (domestic and Agricultural School ), electronics school Tettnang, Berufsschulzentrum Überlingen with Jörg- Zürn - trade School, Constantin -Vanotti School ( Commercial School ) and Justus -von- Liebig -Schule ( House and Agricultural School ) and special schools Pestalozzi school in the village and Mark Sonnenberg school in Salem Buggensegel ( special schools ). Sponsored by the Lake Constance district, the Community College Lake Constance with branches in all cities and towns and the Youth Art School in Meersburg.

The Lake Constance Lake Constance continuously expanded his art collection with paintings circle of artists who were active in the district. This collection is housed in the archives of Salem.

The Lake District was a partner of the clinic Tettnang GmbH until it was taken over by the Waldburg- Zeil clinics that operate the Tettnang Hospital since 2005. The former district hospital Überlingen is now sponsored by the HelioS network.

Cities and Towns

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(Population at 31 December 2012)


Agreed administrative communities and local government associations


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