Bodin Issara

Bodin Isara ( Thai: บดินทร์ อิส สระ; born December 12, 1990 in Bangkok ) is a Thai badminton players.

Sporting career

As a junior Bodin Isara recorded his first major success when he reached the quarter -finals of the Badminton World Youth Championship 2008 in a double with Maneepong Jongjit. In the Southeast Asia Games in 2009 but already she dropped out in the second round. The Korea International Challenge 2009 they made it to the semifinals, with the proton Malaysia International Challenge 2009 to the final. Also at the Thailand Open 2009 they could penetrate to the semifinals. The Smiling Fish International Series 2009, she designed victorious even after they already shedding in the previous year in the semifinals.

National they made it a lot better than they were in the men's doubles Thai champion 2009. In the same year they also won the Smiling Fish.