Boeing Business Jet

Based on the Boeing 737NG, the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing developed together with General Electric business jets that are under the name Boeing Business Jet or BBJ short, announced today. Later, special versions of the series 747, 767, 777 and 787 were added.


The original BBJ is a hybrid of the fuselage of the Boeing 737-700 combined with the structurally reinforced wing, the wing center section and the reinforced chassis 737-800. The range is a maximum of 11,547 km. The first two deliveries were made on 23 November 1998. Due to the great demand, Boeing also offers a larger version of BBJ, BBJ 2 is based on the complete airframe of 737-800 and has 10,408 km with a shorter range. The third model BBJ3 based on the 737- 900ER ( Extended Range ) and with 104 m² offers 9 % more cabin floor space than the BBJ 2 model as well as 37 % more than the BBJ. The BBJ 3 has eight additional tanks a range of 10,177 km. On 17 October 2006, the program was officially launched with two undisclosed customers.


Single-aisle aircraft

Through the installation of up to nine additional tanks, so-called Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, is from the Boeing 737 long-haul aircraft, which has a range of up to 11,547 km under optimal conditions. The standard installation of upturned wing tips ( winglets ) is another feature of the BBJ. The biggest difference to the passenger aircraft, however, lies in the cabin equipment, which can be installed as desired, for example at Jet Aviation, SR Technics and Lufthansa Technik. Currently there are three models:

Meanwhile, the MAX versions of the Boeing 737 can be ordered as Business-Jet-/VIP-Variante.


In January 2009, a Boeing 767 - 400ER was delivered as Business-Jet-/VIP-Version.