Boeing Phantom Works

Boeing Phantom Works is a research and development department of the Boeing Corporation and provides and manufactures a prototype. The emphasis is on modern, military products and technologies in the fields of defense, aerospace and security.

Phantom Works was established by McDonnell Douglas and renamed after the acquisition of Boeing, in Boeing Phantom Works. The name comes from the designed by McDonnell Douglas F -4 Phantom fighter jet.

Known projects

  • McDonnell Douglas A-12 Avenger II: Advanced Navy Stealth Fighter test concept
  • Boeing A160 Hummingbird UAV helicopter
  • Boeing Bird of Prey Stealth UAV demonstrator
  • Boeing Condor: Soaring drone with a long range
  • F / A- XX: 6th Generation Fighter
  • Pelican ULTRA
  • Boeing Phantom Eye: Soaring UAV
  • Boeing Phantom Ray: Unmanned testbed for advanced aviation technology
  • Quad Tiltrotor ( with Bell Helicopter )
  • X -32 Joint Strike Fighter
  • X -37 Advanced Technology Demonstrator
  • X-45 UCAV
  • X -48 blended wing body demonstrator
  • Boeing X -51 Waverider: supersonic test object
  • X -53 Active Aeroelastic Wing
  • McDonnell Douglas YF -23 Black Widow