Boeing-Stearman Model 75

The Boeing Stearman is a biplane trainer aircraft of the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing Stearman. The default name is Model 75

Type and purpose

The Boeing Stearman is one of the best known and most produced biplane, over 8,500 units were produced from 1934. The U.S. Army Air Corps, they began with the names of PT -13, PT -17 and PT -18 Kaydet as training aircraft. In the United States Navy, she was referred to as N2S. From the PT -27, 300 exported from 1942 to the Royal Canadian Air Force, of the PT-17 went 150 pieces to China (including royalties for reproduction ) and a total of about 50 to Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Cuba and Venezuela. According to Boeing's 8,584 machines were produced, and a further 2,000 in the form of spare parts.

2,100 machines were used after 1945 as crop dusters in agriculture. These wings were alubeplankt, because the chemicals in agriculture had attacked the fabric covering. Subsequently, these aircraft were equipped with better engines.

Super Stearman

The Super Stearman is the sports version of this aircraft. In contrast to the classic version, it was provided with a hood, wearing a red and white paint and has four ailerons. The Super Stearman as acrobatics -Star at many air shows became famous.


The USAAF began the following versions:

  • PT -13: Lycoming R -680 engine, 2,141 were built. PT -13: R -680 - B4B engine, 26 were built (Boeing Model 75).
  • PT -13A: R 680-7 motor, 92 were built in 1937 /38.
  • PT -13B: R 680-11 engine, 255 built 1939/40.
  • PT -13C: PT -13B equipment of six for instrument flight training.
  • PT- 13D PT -13A with R 680-17 engine, 353 were built.
  • PT -17: Continental R 670-5 engine. 3,519 were built. PT -17A: equipment of 18 PT-17 for instrument flying.
  • PT- 17B: Modernisation of three PT-17 to Sprühflugzeugen.
  • PT -18A: Equipment of six PT -18 for blind flying training.

The U.S. Navy began the following versions:

  • NS-1: built 220 hp (164 kW) Wright J -5 Whirlwind engine, 61 were (Boeing Model 73)
  • N2S -1: R 670-14 engine, 250 were built.
  • N2S -2: R -680 -8 engine, 125 built.
  • N2S -3: R 670-4 motor, 1,875 were built.
  • N2S -4: 577 were built, including 99 PT-17 with the USAAF R 670-5 engine.
  • N2S -5: R 680-17 engine, 1,450 were built.