Boeing X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing

The Boeing X - 53 is a technology demonstrator under the " Active Aeroelastic Wing " program (AAW; German: active aeroelastic wing ) based on the F/A-18A Hornet.


As part of the AAW program, said it is a research project at the Air Force Research Laboratory ( AFRL ), Boeing Phantom Works and the Dryden Flight Research Center ( DFRC ), aerodynamic characteristics, active controls and advanced construction methods are researched to the wings better can use them. This will be achieved through control of the front and rear edges of the wings, which are controlled by a digital flight control unit. The special controls to exploit the bend of the wing better. At high speeds, the special control are able to ensure high maneuverability at low load structure. When applied properly, the wings bend less and in the opposite direction than that of conventional wings.

The modified F/A-18A Hornet first flew in November 2002 and received on 8 December 2006, the designation X- 53rd


Test flight of the F -18A with AAW