Boeing Yellowstone Project#Yellowstone projects

When Boeing Y1 is a study of the Yellowstone project by Boeing to replace the line 737 Next Generation. Instead of going for Y1 Boeing decided in August 2011 but only once to revise the 737 because of the lower time and cost requirement with the LEAP -1B engines for the 737 MAX. Y1 is also known as 737RS, wherein RS stands for Replacement Study.


The Y1 is part of the Boeing Yellowstone Project, and is not a spin-off of 737 but rather a completely new aircraft, however, which takes much of its design technology of the 787. The use of new technologies such as a fuselage made ​​of composite materials and energy-efficient engines is considered probable. It is expected that the Y1 a wider cabin than the 737 or the Airbus A320 will have, possibly even with two aisles.


The engine manufacturer CFM International plans to develop this as a successor to the CFM International CFM56 family known to offer LEAP -X engine for the Y1.

During the rival International Aero Engines has currently submitted any offers yet for a suitable engine, whose shareholders Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney are currently working on their own studies for future engines of the Y1 and the Airbus NSR.