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Bogense is a town with 3750 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013): Located on the Kattegat on the north coast of the Danish island of Fyn ( Funen German ). The town forms a separate parish ( Bogense Sogn ), was until 1970 the smallest as Funen town with market rights for Harde Skovby Herred in the former Odense Office and was then the administrative center of Bogense municipality in the former County of Funen, in the course of municipal reform on 1 January 2007 has risen in the Nordfyns commune in the region Syddanmark. Administrative seat of this municipality is also Bogense.

Bogense was granted market rights in 1288 by the Danish King Erik VI. Menved. Nowadays Bogense is a tourism-oriented town with three campsites and many cottages. Bogense has the largest with 760 berths marina in Fyn.

Water Tower (2009)

Marina ( left) and old harbor (right, 2007)

Tower one of the first wind turbines in Denmark only for energy production from 1942 in the harbor of Bogense