Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania

Bogislaw V. (* 1318, † between October 1373 and April 24, 1374 16 ) was a Duke of Pomerania from the grasping house. He ruled the Duchy of Pomerania - Wolgast first, after the partition of 1368/1372 then in the duchy of Pomerania - Stolp.


Bogislaw V. was the eldest son of Duke Wartislaw IV, who reigned in the Duchy of Pomerania - Wolgast part Pomeranian, and his wife Elisabeth of Silesia. After the death of Wartislaw IV in 1326, his sons were, these were next to Bogislaw V. his younger brothers Barnim IV (* 1325 ) and Wartislaw V. (* 1326), dukes of Pomerania - Wolgast. At first they were under guardianship.

First, it came after the death Wartislaws IV rügischen the First War of Succession. Duke Wartislaw IV had in fact acquired the Principality of Rügen in 1325 after the extinction of the royal house rügischen. After Wartislaws death but Prince Henry II saw his chance of Mecklenburg, to bring complaints still in itself. The Pomeranian, however, remained victorious. Peace of Brudersdorf joined the Szczecin duke Barnim III. as guardian for the young Bogislaw V and his brothers.

At that time the rich immediate position of the Duchy of Pomerania was questioned. King Ludwig of Bavaria invited the Pomeranian dukes in 1328 to pay homage to his fief with the Mark Brandenburg son Louis V.. An impressive, but inconsequential step, it was that the Dukes then the Duchy of Pomerania Pope John XXII. auftrugen fief - for the young Bogislaw V and his brothers negotiated the Szczecin Dukes Barnim III. and Otto I.. In 1338 there was a partial solution to this question, as Ludwig the Bavarian, the Duchy of Pomerania -Stettin of the Dukes Barnim III. and Otto I recognized as rich immediately.

At the same time agreed Barnim III. and Otto I, that in the event that they should die, leaving no sons, her Duchy of Pomerania -Stettin should fall to Brandenburg. In this way, the Stettin dukes had their Duchy of Pomerania -Stettin better off than the Duchy of Pomerania - Wolgast asked her ward and inheritance of their ward at the Duchy of Pomerania -Stettin in question. Here About it came to disputes in Pomerania. Several cities in the Duchy of Pomerania -Stettin committed, in the case of extinction of Szczecin line to obey only the dukes of Pomerania - Wolgast. In this context, broke away from in 1341 Bogislaw V and his brothers Barnim IV and V. Wartislaw of Szczecin their guardians and took control independently and jointly. As an active Reigning Bogislaw V. occurred later Barnim IV, while Wartislaw V. remained in the shadow of his older brothers. Some cities in the Duchy of Pomerania -Stettin as Stettin Pommern and paid homage in 1341 already the young dukes Bogislaw V, Barnim IV and V. Wartislaw

The new king, Charles IV, recognized in 1348 at the Imperial immediacy of all Pomeranian dukes. Since he enfeoffed all Pomerania Dukes to the entire hand, so the Brandenburger rights were canceled on Pomerania -Stettin.

In 1363 married Charles IV Duke Bogislaw daughter Elizabeth. She had been educated at the court of her grandfather, the King of Poland, in Krakow. Also where the wedding was celebrated.

In 1368, there was a preliminary division of the Duchy of Pomerania - Wolgast. In the section east of Swine ruled Bogislaw V., in the part of the country west of the Swine the sons of his deceased brother Barnim IV in 1365. His youngest brother Wartislaw V had to resign in 1368 with the State of Pommern. In 1372, this division of the rule was finalized. The resulting part Duchy Duke Bogislaw V. is called Pomerania - Stolp.

In 1373 or 1374 Prince Bogusław V died and was buried in the monastery Belbuck.

Marriages and descendants

During childhood Bogislaw V. his engagement. Having a sister of the Danish king Waldemar III, a certain Heilwig was agreed. But it did not come to marriage.

Prince Bogusław V. instead married in 1343 Elizabeth, daughter of King Casimir III. of Poland and Anna of Lithuania. From this marriage came a son and a daughter:

  • Casimir IV (* 1345, † 1377 ), reigned from 1370 in Dobriner country from 1374 in the Duchy of Pomerania - Stolp
  • Elisabeth ( * 1345, † 1393 ), as the wife of Charles IV Queen of Bohemia and Holy Roman German Empress

Duchess Elisabeth died in 1361. It was probably buried in the monastery Marienthron to Pommern.

His second wife married Prince Bogusław V. in 1362 Adelheid of Brunswick- Osterode (c. 1341 ), daughter of Duke Ernst I of Brunswick- Grubenhagen and Adelheid of Everstein. They had three sons and one daughter:

  • Wartislaw VII († 1395 ), ruled the Duchy of Pomerania - Stolp
  • Bogislaw VIII (c. 1364, † 1418 ), ruled the Duchy of Pomerania - Stolp, some administrator in the diocese of Pomerania
  • Margaretha (* around 1366, † 1410), married Ernst the Iron, Duke of Inner Austria
  • Barnim V. (c. 1369, † 1402/1403 ), ruled the Duchy of Pomerania - Stolp

The Dowager Duchess Adelaide survived her husband Bogislaw V. by more than 30 years. She died in 1406 and was buried in the Charterhouse Marienkron that they had donated in 1394.

In the past, some believed that Prince Bogusław V. 've had another daughter named Catherine, who married a Duke of Mazovia called Henry or Konrad. For example, it is contained in the report prepared by Robert Klempin in the 19th century pedigrees of the Griffin house. But it is neither documented nor attested from contemporary writings, and the Polish historian Oswald Balzer was able to prove that neither Konrad of Mazovia nor Henry of Masovia, the bishop of Plock was († 1393 ), coming as a starting point into account.

Pictures of Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania