Bohdalec (Žďár nad Sázavou District)

Bohdalec ( German Bohdaletz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located ten kilometers south of Nove Mesto na Moravě and belongs to Okres Zdar nad Sázavou.


Bohdalec located in the Bohemian- Moravian Highlands in the source basin of the creek Bohdalecký creek. To the south, the Na Kříbu collected ( 565 m ) at its foot lies the pond Velky Sklenský fishpond. To the southeast, the Pivovarský les ( Bräuwald ) and west of the Polácký les ( Pollakwald ) expands.

Neighboring towns are Řečice and Radešínská Svratka in the north, Podolí Černý Mlýn in the northeast, Bobrová and Radešín in the east, Bobruvka the southeast, Sklené nad Oslavou and Na Brejlích in the south, Rousměrov the southwest, Laštovičky and Suky in the west and Polák, Ostrov nad Oslavou, Obyčtov, Křiby and Hodíškov in the northwest.


The village was probably founded in the late 13th century or early 14th century by the Cistercian monastery Saar on the heirs of Přibyslav of Křižanov related field. The first written mention of Pohdalan took place in 1348 along with Crewczendorf in the course of a dispute between the parish priest of Upper Bobrau with the Hospital of St. John in Old Brno to a tithe of the two parishioners places. 1390 made ​​the pastor of Upper Bobrau the hospital again the tithe from Bohdal dispute. From the mid-15th century come first traditions about the location between Bohdalec and Řečice desert village Mankov that belonged to the Vladiken Volimír of Hlinné. In the land register of the monastery Saar 1462 21 subjects are listed including the judge for Bohdalcí. 1483 the village was first described in the monastery land register with Bohdalec. The oldest town seal is handed down from 1667. After the dissolution of the monastery during the Josephine reforms Bohdalec fell in 1784 the religious foundation of the rule Saar. This was the k.k. Transmitted sale Commission for the state farms. The rule Saar was divided into five parts. Bohdalec came here to rule Radešín, which was sold in 1826 František Schneider from Brno. In the vicinity of the place of iron ore was mined.

After the abolition of patrimonial Bohdalec formed in 1850 a municipality in the district Nove Mesto. In 1900, 452 people lived in the village. In 1949 the parish was assigned to the Okres Zdar nad Sázavou in the wake of the dissolution of Okres Nové Město na Moravě. Bohdalec is considered archaeological site of semi-precious stones.

Local structure

For the community Bohdalec no districts are reported.


  • Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes, built in 1903
  • Plaque for Jaroslav Skryja

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jaroslav Skryja (1895-1942), official of the Sokol and organizer in the anti-fascist resistance, executed in Plotzensee