Bokholt - Hanredder is a town northwest of Hamburg in the north of the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein. The municipality comprises the towns Bokholt, Hanredder, Offenau and Voßloch.


Of the 13 seats in the municipal council, the CDU has seven seats in 2013 since the municipal election. The voters Community FWG has won six seats. A member of the FWG is mittelerweile left the voter community and non-attached.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Argent, a left oblique blue wave beams, accompanied above by a left -turned, sitting red fox with raised left paw, down from two upright green beech leaves. "

In the coat of arms, approved in 1982, the four districts are represented symbolically: The fox represents Voßloch, the river Offenau separates the district of the same name from the rest of the municipality. The Journal is a book for the remaining districts, thus the name Bokholt ( Low German: Buchholz) and Saviour (narrow dirt road between Knicks with deciduous trees such as beech ) is taken into account.

Culture and sights


Bokholt - Hanredder is located on the L 75, which runs from Elmshorn to Barmstedt.

The village is connected by the railway Elmshorn - Barmstedt bath old RST (EEO ), now part of the AKN, with Elmshorn and Henstedt -Ulzburg. The trains are known in the region as " Kuddl Barmstedt " or briefly " Kuddl ". " Kuddl " is a regular on Vossloch station; in Bokholt there is a request stop.

The district Offenau is linked by a bus with Elmshorn.


In Bokholt there is a primary school, but that does not have its own administration, but is managed through Barmstedt. Secondary schools are located in the neighboring communities Elmshorn and Barmstedt. In addition to the primary school is the kindergarten Burrow with an afternoon service for primary school children.