The company AB Bolinder - Munktell (BM ) was a Swedish tractor manufacturer.

The Swedish companies Bolinder and Munktell built railway requirements, steam and internal combustion engines on their own, before they joined forces in 1932 to Bolinder - Munktell. From 1947, the company built the lightweight farmer tractor BM 10 (23 hp, 1300 kg, two cylinders, hot bulb engine, hydraulics), which was popular not only in Scandinavia, but also in France. 1950 Bolinder - Munktell was acquired by Volvo in Gothenburg. A few years later the company presented powerful tractors were equipped with direct injection Volvo diesel engines with up to six cylinders. In 1951 started the series production of the self-propelled combine harvester MST -92.

Late 70s Volvo decided on the production of agricultural machinery to dispense. To avoid having to break down any jobs, but Volvo wanted to continue to manufacture components for agricultural machinery. To this end a contract with Valmet 1979 signed. The tractors were sold under the brand name Volvo BM Valmet Valmet and Volvo.