Bollack Netter and Co

Bollack, Netter et Cie was a French manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

Lucien Bollack and the banker Cute founded the company in 1923 in Levallois- Perret, and began the manufacture of automobiles. The brand name was BNC. Charles de Ricou replaced in 1928 Lucien Bollack, who retired and Lucien Bollack founded. 1931 production ended.


The first models were sporting small car with four-cylinder engines incorporation of SCAP or Ruby with about 900 cm ³ displacement. From 1925 came from SCAP engines with 1100 cc displacement and Chapuis - Dornier used, which were partly equipped with compressor. The vehicles launched under different at the 24 - hour race at Le Mans. In 1929 the model Cozette on the market, a sports car with a two-cylinder engine and 1100 cc capacity, which resembled the former Lombard. The last new model of 1929 had an eight-cylinder in-line engine from Continental with 5000 cc capacity.

A car of this brand is on display at the Musée Automobile de Vendée in Talmont -Saint -Hilaire.