Bologna Centrale railway station

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Bologna Centrale is the main railway station of Bologna, capital of Emilia -Romagna region of Italy. The station has an important function node in the Italian railway network, as it is the link between the high- speed line Bologna - Florence and the rail line Verona - Bologna. Since December 2008, ends in Bologna nodes and the high- speed line from Milan. All three routes are part of the TEN- axis No. 1 With 20 tracks, he is one of the largest transit stations in Europe.


The Bologna railway station was built in 1864. However, the latter are few and unclear information. But it is known that ten years later a new station was built on the same ground.

The building as we know it today, was designed by the architect Gaetano Ratti, who was educated in the local Clementine Academy. Inspired by a neoclassical style, the characteristic facade opens into nine inputs and is dominated by the clock tower with its marble columns. The hall is reminiscent of the architecture of the Florentine Renaissance.

Today is the fifth largest Bologna Centrale railway station in Italy, as measured by the frequency of people (about 58 million passengers per year). Due to its location between the metropolitan centers of Rome / Florence and Milan, the train station on a Zugaufkommen of about 800 trains per day.

Terrorist attack

On August 2, 1980 at 10:25 clock, detonated in the station building an IED explosive charge, which consisted of a 20 kg TNT mixture. The charge was placed in a suitcase, standing next to the wall in a waiting room. The explosion 85 people were killed and more than 200 injured.

In addition, the remained (in the picture on the left side of the main building to be seen ) master clock of the station at the exact time of the explosion are, and was placed as a memorial not again. The atrocity is known in Italy under the name Strage di Bologna.

Underground station

The complementary underground station for high -speed traffic after a planning Arata Isozaki was realized in three levels. Above the underground station ( 23m ) with a level shopping arcades ( -15m ) and one level with parking spaces ( 7m ) is provided. Project partners are Ove Arup and M P & Partners. Was opened the new facility for the railway traffic on 8 June 2013.