Bolshoy Begichev Island

Bolshoi Begichev (Russian Большой Бегичев, dt " Great Begichev ") is a 1763.7 km ² and Siberia and Russia respectively belonging, uninhabited island in the Laptev Sea north of the Asian mainland. It belongs administratively to the Nationalrajon Anabarski the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia ) and is named after the Russian polar explorer Nikifor Begichev ( 1874-1927 ) named.

Geographical location

Bolshoi Begichev lies east of the Taimyr Peninsula at the junction of Chatangagolfs in the Laptev Sea, a marginal sea of ​​the Arctic Ocean, to the south-east of the island located Anabargolf. The island is located between two straits, which the Chatangagolf with the Laptev Sea combine: the northern one is the Severny - strait that passes to the northeast of the Preobrazhenija Island in the Laptev Sea, and the southern one is the Vostochny Strait, which is also the Laptev Sea with the Anabargolf passed over. At the western entrance to both straits is about 7 km west of the west coast in Chatangagolf the small and uninhabited neighboring island Maly Begichev.

The island is a maximum of about 50 km long and up to 40 km wide; its coastline is 194.5 km long. Your lowlands in the west are characterized by interspersed with many small lakes and ponds tundra; the rest of the island is hilly and reaches a maximum of 198 m.