Bona of Pisa

Bona of Pisa (from the Latin, the good: * to 1156 in Pisa, † May 29, 1207 ibid ) was a Catholic Augustinerterziarin and mystic.


On a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, they had the appearance of Christ put a ring on her hand. They brought in the sequence according to tradition, many miracles, and they spoke to her prophetic abilities. In addition to Palestine took Bona of Pisa also make a pilgrimage to Rome to Santiago de Compostela and Monte Gargano. The Monastery of San Jacopo al Poggio in Pisa was founded under its participation.

Their remains are preserved in the church of San Martino in Pisa.


After her canonization, it became the patron saint of the city of Pisa and the pilgrims. In 1962, she is of Pope John XXIII. been proclaimed patron of the flight attendants. Your feast day is May 29

In art, she is usually depicted as a nun with a cross in the folded hands.