is a group of six Latvian tenors.

Participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest were seen in the semi-finals of Euro Vision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki (Finland), the Italian-speaking song Questa notte on. In the semifinals they reached so the 5th place with a total of 168 points. In the finals of the song contest, they reached the 16th place with 54 points and were the lowest-ranked semi-final qualifier. Before the contest, there were rumors the semi-finals would have won.

In the Latvian preliminary to the competition on 24 February 2007, they were able to clearly prevail with 49 422 against 16 676 votes against the runner-up Intars Busulis. The Latvian semi-final three weeks before they emerged as the winners of the televoting, with 9009 votes out. The equal voting jury selected " Questa notte " to second place.

" Questa notte " was composed by Kjell Jennstig, who also wrote the text along with Torbjörn Wassenius and Francesca Russo.


  • Normunds Jakušonoks
  • Zigfrīds Muktupavels
  • Kaspars Tīmanis
  • Andris Ābelīte
  • Andris Ērglis
  • Roberto Meloni

Andris Ābelīte, Normunds Jakušonoks and Kaspars Tīmanis already accumulated experience of previous Latvian preliminary rounds for Euro Vision Song Contest.