Boncompagno da Signa

Since (also called Boncompagnus or Boncompagni ) Boncompagno Signa was born 1165-1175. He probably died after 1240 in Florence. He was an Italian scholar, historian and philosopher.

He was born in Signa, near Florence. He was a professor of rhetoric (Latin ars dictaminis ) at the famous University of Bologna and later at the University of Padua. In the early 13th century, he was one of the first Western European authors who wrote in the vernacular, in his case in the Italian language. Because of his career, he spent most of their time traveling between Ancona, Venice, Bologna, and finally died in Florence. He wrote a history of the siege of Ancona. The only work of its kind He dealt with chess. From the factory Bonus Socius said to have originated. The authorship, however, remains controversial.

Works (selection)

  • Tractatus virtutum ( online edition of Steven M. Wight )
  • Rhetorica novissima ( online edition of Steven M. Wight )
  • Palma ( online edition )
  • Quinque tabulae salutationum ( online edition )
  • Rota Veneris ( online edition by Friedrich Baethgen )
  • Liber de Obsidione Ancona (Online Version of GC Zimolo Steven M. Wight )

Print and literature

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Pictures of Boncompagno da Signa