Bond Street tube station

Bond Street is an underground station of the London Underground in the City of Westminster. It is located in the Travelcard Zone 1, at the intersection of Oxford Street and Davies Street. The famous shopping street Bond Street is about 50 meters further east. In the station intersect at two levels, the Central Line and Jubilee Line, the entrance is located in the shopping center West One. In 2011, 36.02 million passengers used the station.

The opening of the station took place on September 24, 1900 by the Central London Railway (CLR ), the predecessor of the Central Line. Trains sailed the tracks but since 30 July 1900. Like all original station building designed by Harry Bell Measures the CLR also that on Bond Street. Mid-1920s was the first time a significant transition. It replaced the elevators by escalators and built a new underground ticket hall. The station building was given a new, designed by Charles Holden facade. On 8 June 1926, the new facilities were put into operation.

During the construction of the Jubilee Line there was a further transformation. They tore off the station building and integrated the system into the newly built house purchase West One. Individual elements of the original facade above the eastern entrance remained. The Jubilee Line took on May 1, 1979 to the operation. Plans to build a third level for the Crossrail trains, scheduled to open in 2018.

Pictures of Bond Street tube station