Bonduelle is a French company that has particularly specialized in the processing of vegetables in canned form. The company is listed on the French stock index CAC Small.

Building a Business

The foundation of the company goes back to the year 1853, when in Marquette -lez -Lille in northern France, the entrepreneur Louis Bonduelle - Dalle and Louis Lesaffre - Roussel einrichteten a grain and juniper distillery. Nine years later, in 1862, acquired the two entrepreneurs with a monastery distillery and lands in the small town Renescure. In 1901, the holdings were divided among the participating families. 1926 developed the descendants of Louis Bonduelle - Dalle, Pierre Benoit Bonduelle and the Business Idea to process vegetables and so to make durable that it is readily available and easy to prepare. At the beginning of peas grown in our own fields and then manually filled into cans. By using the developed by Nicolas Appert sterilization process ( " Appertisieren " ) to get the vitamins and freshness of the vegetables largely succeeded. In the early years, the family business produced approximately 120,000 cans vegetables. To meet the great demand for the end of the Second World War, justice, Bonduelle has worked with numerous farmers together from the area. To date, nothing has changed in this situation, only the processing of vegetables has been continually developed over the years.

The processing of vegetables

The production processes are based on the respective vegetables, such as beans or corn, and the type of packaging, such as tin, fresh bag or Tetra Recart tuned. In peas the way of vegetable processing looks for example like this: After harvesting the vegetables are freed in a strong air flow of light plant parts. Then irregularly shaped peas and other pieces are discarded on the " vibrating table " so-called. In running water of foreign parts to be removed again. The lighter remnants remain at the water surface and the peas to sit down on the ground from. The vegetables are then sorted by size, that is calibrated. At 80 ° C to 85 ° C hot water, the peas are blanched and then filled into cans or jars. Air and light tight manner, the vegetable is now heated for a short time at a temperature of 115 ° C to 130 ° C in order to protect it from bacteria and germs. Thus, the vegetable is preserved without the addition of preservatives for several years. The taste, vitamins and nutrients, as well as the color of the vegetable to be largely retained.


Since its founding Bonduelle has continued to expand the markets in the area of the processed vegetables throughout Europe and beyond. Bonduelle products are now available in Latin America or Russia. The first Bonduelle office outside of France was founded in Homburg 1969. This was followed in 1972 the establishment of the Bonduelle Bonduelle Italia in Milan and Great Britain in Maidstone a year later. In 1973 more than half of the company's sales were generated by export activities. Bonduelle drove this development with the opening of an office in the south of France in 1978 and the expansion of the product range ahead yet. Two years later, Bonduelle took over the largest vegetable cannery Belgium: Marie- Thuma. New offices in Spain and Portugal in 1986 until 1988. Acquiring the company Cassegrain in Southern France made ​​Bonduelle the market leader in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. As of 1989, the company expanded to Eastern Europe. Since then, Bonduelle products are also sold in the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia.

In 1997, Bonduelle launched with fresh salads: Here is the part acquisition of the French company Salade Minute laid the foundation stone for a new expanding business sector. Because a year later the Bonduelle brand led the vegetables expert in Germany and France freshness. In 1999, ready to eat fresh salads have also been marketed in Italy. In the same year the vegetable specialist founded the Bonduelle Frische GmbH in Germany and in 2003 took over the Vita GmbH in Reutlingen. Today Bonduelle is represented at 26 industrial sites in 21 countries.


The Company offers vegetables, canned, bottled, glasses and Tetra Recart packaging. For several years, the range also includes fresh and deli salads. He works exclusively with genetically unaltered vegetables. The range for canned vegetables comprises in Germany alone, more than 50 varieties and over 100 products. Worldwide, Bonduelle over 5000 employees, a turnover of more than 1.4 billion euros per year. The headquarters of the Bonduelle group is located in France near the northern French city of Lille ( Villeneuve d' Ascq ), in Germany, the company is headquartered in Reutlingen.

Gold corn

Under the registered name Goldmais the company Bonduelle offers various mixtures of vegetables on the basis of corn. There are the combinations:

  • Florida Mix: with peas. This product won in 2008 the first ever consumer prices " Product of the Year " in Germany
  • Hacienda Mix: with kidney beans
  • Mexico mix with red peppers and peas
  • Samba mix with red peppers and green beans
  • Texas mix with red peppers and kidney beans