Bongo District

The Bongo District in the northeast part of Ghana's Upper East Region. The district shares a border with the neighboring country of Burkina Faso.


In the district of living members of the ethnic groups of Bossi and the Frafra speaking Tallensi. The majority of the population depends on traditional religions ( 53.6 %) in addition there are 28.3 % Christians and followers of Islam ( 6.4%).

Climate and vegetation

The climate is tropical with a wet season from May to October a long dry season with virtually no rainfall from October to April. Temperatures range between a maximum of 45 ° in March / April and a minimum of 12 ° in December. Characteristic is the hot harmattan, which blows during the dry season.


The district is dominated by agriculture.

Villages in the district

  • Soe Soboko
  • Gowrie Tingre
  • Zoko Tarongo
  • Lungu
  • Dua
  • Namoo
  • Zoko - Kodorogo
  • Bongo Nyariga
  • Zoko Kanga
  • Adaboya
  • Bogorogo
  • Gowrie Nayire Central Zoko - Gambrongo - Azaabisi
  • Zoko - Gambrongo
  • Seo Asabagabisi ( Wabisi )
  • Vea - Akugrebisi
  • Zoko - Goo
  • Dua Apuwongo
  • Balungu - Gantorisi.