Boniface of Tarsus

Boniface of Tarsus (* probably in Rome; † around 306 in Tarsus (Turkey) ) is a Roman, altkirchlicher martyr, who was slain in 306 AD in Tarsus.

Born in Rome Boniface was originally no Christian, but was sent to find in the region around Tarsus relics of Christian martyrs and to bring back to Rome. In Tarsus he had to witness the horrors of the persecution of Christians under Emperor Galerius. Impressed that the tortured to death but did not vary in faith, he was baptized and publicly came to his faith, which he suffered martyrdom by boiling pitch. According to tradition, his followers brought his body back to Rome, where he was buried on the Via Latina.

The name " Boniface " comes from Latin and means "the good skill -promising ". After him called Winfried, the " Apostle of the Germans ", better known as Boniface.

Boniface of Tarsus is one of the Ice Saints and is often depicted as a young man or bearded old man and the suffering of martyrdom in hot pitch.

Feast day:

  • Catholic May 14
  • Orthodox: 19-20. December