Boniface Wimmer

Boniface Wimmer OSB ( baptismal name Sebastian, born January 14, 1809 in Thalmassing; † December 8, 1887 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States) was a Bavarian Benedictine and founder of Benedictine monasticism in the United States. He was the founder and first abbot of the Abbey of St. Vincent in Latrobe, and president of the American Benedictine Congregation Cassinensischen and finally abbot.

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Than school and university

Sebastian Wimmer was born in Thalmassing at Regensburg, the son of the innkeeper Peter Wimmer and his wife Elizabeth Lang. After his high school years in Regensburg, he first studied in Regensburg ( 1826), then in Munich ( 1827-1830 ) Catholic theology. Although he played for a while with the idea to go to the law, but then remained but his desire to become a priest, faithful, especially since he was awarded a scholarship at the ducal Georgianum contrary to expectations. During his studies Wimmer twice tried to participate as a volunteer soldier in the Greek war of liberation. But because the receiving office was already closed, nothing came of it, so he let it go eventually. After a year of seminar time in Regensburg Wimmer received there on August 1, 1831, ordained priest. Since the diocese at that time had a priest surplus, Bishop of Regensburg Sailer sent him as chaplain to Altötting in the diocese of Passau.

Entering the order

As Bishop Sailer among his diocesan priests to candidates for the 1830 by King Ludwig I as an independent priory re -founded Benedictine monastery of St. Michael in Metten campaigned Wimmer, who had already impressed during his period of study for the Benedictine Order, was one of the first who enrolled himself. He entered 1832 in a Metten, received the religious name of Boniface, and laid on December 29, 1833, the solemn profession. Of his four priestly Mitnovizen all later also abbot and a, Gregory Scherr, 1856 Archbishop of Munich and Freising were.

P. Boniface was first used in parish ministry. From 1833 to 1835, and again 1836/37 he was a chaplain in Edenstetten until 1837 for one year, the parish in Stephansposching took over the care of the Benedictines since 1615.

The new foundation in America

1846 Wimmer finally received permission to found a Benedictine establishment in the United States with four postulants and 14 lay brothers. Wimmer and his companions came on September 16, 1846 in New York and made ​​their way to Carroltown in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they presented Lemke a piece of land available. Since this was not suitable for foundation of a monastery but the group moved shortly thereafter to St. Vincent in Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania area, about 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Abbot Boniface took over as head of the new Benedictine Congregation 1869/70 part of the I. Vatican. When he died in 1887, its foundation on four abbeys, priories and 152 municipalities and two branches had grown. Among the members of the Congregation were two bishops, four abbots, priors, two, 220 religious priests and as many more lay people. He also promoted the emergence of the Benedictine Confederation.

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