Bonn Women's Museum

The Women's Museum Bonn was founded on May 2, 1981 by the present director Marianne Pitzen and a group of interdisciplinary working women in the old city of Bonn and at the time was the world's first women's museum. The meanwhile internationally recognized institution has shown since its inception more than 500 exhibitions and organized to extensive support programs. The Women's Museum Bonn association is organizing a women's museum - art, culture, research carried eV.

Objectives and exhibition program

The Women's Museum Bonn promotes the art of women with the aim to anchor in the history of art. In changing exhibition projects of distinguished contemporary artists in the international art scene and artists in Germany are shown. Many artists who first exhibited at the Women's Museum, have established themselves on the international art market. For large theme-related exhibitions artists and scientists work together. In the context of contemporary experimental art or in the accompanying program of events to individual exhibitions is often simultaneously processed women's history and re- presented.

The museum manages its own holdings of works by, among others, Käthe Kollwitz, Ulrike Rosenbach, Katharina Sieverding, Valie Export, Maria Lassnig, Ewa Partum, heath Pawelzik and Irene Kulnig and permanent loans from ER Nele, Linda Cunningham, Tina Wedel and Yoko Ono. It also maintains a library archive in the areas of women in art, history and politics, feminist issues, cultural politics, the arts of the 20th and 21st century art since 1945, concrete and constructive art and architecture and design.

The Academy in the Women's Museum is targeted with events and consulting primarily to the specific interests of professional artists. In addition to the female art are also women's movement and women's policy research topics. In meetings, seminars and workshops among other disputes with novel aesthetic terms are held. The work of the Women's Museum Bonn has led to further creation of women's museums that has picked up the concept and varied.

Additional facilities and events

  • Gallery in the Women's Museum
  • Women's Museum Haus Berlin, branch in the Municipal Gallery in Berlin -Wilmersdorf -Charlottenburg
  • Gabriele Münter Prize for artists of Fine Art
  • Art and Design Shows
  • Artists' studios
  • Museum shop and café
  • Kinderatelier the Women's Museum