Bonzai Records

Bonzai Records is a Belgian record label based in Antwerp, which significantly helped to shape in the 1990s with his Hard House and Hard Trance releases the rave sound.

It was founded in 1992 as a sublabel of Lightning Records, a company that filed for bankruptcy in March 2003, after which founded by former employees in May of the same year the company Banshee Worx and Bonzai Records was continued under the name of Bonzai Music.

The Label DJs were the mid- 1990s represented on almost every major rave. In addition to selling records, the label also focused particularly on the distribution of T -shirts.

As a sub-label in addition to 1996 Bonzai Classics. Other sub-labels under the Bonzai Tree: 1994 Bonzai Jumps, Bonzai Trance Progressive 1995 Bonzai Limited 1997 Bonzai Urban 2004 Bonzai Fiesta 2005.

Known Publications

  • Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One
  • Cherry Moon Trax - The House Of House
  • Jones and Stephenson - The First Rebirth
  • Yves Deruyter - Calling Earth
  • Push - Universal Nation
  • Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth
  • DJ Dave Davis - Transfiguration
  • Blue Alphabet - Cyber ​​Trance
  • Hitchhiker & Dumont - Journey of Love