Boogie -woogie is a solo piano style that emerged in the first decade of the 20th century in the USA. Forerunner was the so-called Barrelhouse Piano, a simple rural piano style in which black blues musicians already transferred their style from the guitar to the piano in the middle of the 19th century.

The harmonic sequence corresponds to the Blues pattern substantially. Game Technically, the boogie -woogie the rolling bass of the left hand (often in short, constantly repeated riffs mostly in dotted rhythm, also including the Blue Notes ) melodic, also blues based off-beat figures in the right hand counter that and trills tremolos are interspersed.

The pedal of the piano is typically not used. The pace is considerably higher compared to the blues and requires some technical skills.

With the immigration of blacks in the northern United States and their music got there and especially in Chicago boogie -woogie in the 1920s, became very popular, but he remained essentially a solo piano style, he was only sporadically played in larger occupations.

Especially proliferation was the boogie -woogie by the so -called " House -Rent Parties ": The householder organized several bottles of liquor and a musician and financed with the entry money he demanded the guests, his rent.

In the late twenties, the boogie -woogie style developed further and pianists such as Clarence ' Pinetop ' Smith and Jimmy Yancey laid the foundation for this music in the thirties and forties was downright pop music over a period of time. The music producer John Hammond helped as organizing concerts of boogie-woogie pianist, not insignificantly to this boom. Became famous first mainly three musicians: Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis. As legendary applies a concert these three pianists at Carnegie Hall in New York in 1938, which moved the audience so ecstatic that even the legend goes that the doorman had to ask at the end of some of the participants from the chandeliers down to it out of sheer good humor are to be climbed. Only some years later, the actual forerunner were known in the course of the general boogie woogie wave. Well, other musicians such as Blind John Davis, Champion Jack Dupree, Jay McShann, sippie Wallace, Little Willie Littlefield or Dorothy Donegan became known as boogie pianists. Today, pianist Vince Weber, Axel Zwingenberger, Che Peyer, Jörg Hegemann, Nico Brina, Bob Hall, Michael Pewny Silvan Zingg and are recognized and successful because of their fondness for this style.

In the Hamburg " factory" since 1988 to place each August 8 concert as The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection instead which brings together German and international stars of boogie -woogie and in this form is unique in the world today. Since 2007, three days annually meet in Brunn am Gebirge in June top musicians.