Book of Ballymote

The Book of Ballymote ( Leabhar Bhaile to Mhóta, RIA MS 23 P 12, 275 foll. ) Is a medieval compilation of historical, hagiografischer and other literary texts. Named after the parish of Ballymote, County Sligo book was written in 1390 or 1391.

History and content

It was created by the writers SOLAM Ó Droma, Robertus Mac Sithigh and Magnus Ó Duibhgennain on order of Tonnaltagh McDonagh. The manuscript remained until 1522 in the possession of his clan, as it, Prince of Tír Conaill, was purchased for 140 dairy cows by Aed Og O'Donnell. In 1620 it was Trinity College, Dublin, gave, later stolen from the library and the Royal Irish Academy returned only in 1785 on the occasion of its foundation by the Chevalier O'Gorman, which it is alleged by the widow of a mill builder in Drogheda for 20 had bought pounds.

The first page of the work contains a drawing of Noah's ark. Missing the first written page and the second page describes the age of the world. This is followed by:

  • A description of the history of the Jews (2r )
  • A curriculum vitae of Saint Patrick ( 6r )
  • A copy of the Lebor Gabála Érenn ( 8r )
  • Tecosca Cormaic "King Cormac's Instructions" and other stories the King ( Cormac mac Airt ) concerning
  • Triads of Ireland
  • Stories about Fionn Mac Cumhail and Brian Borumh
  • Different genealogies of clans and kings Christian kings of Ulster ( 34v )
  • Christian kings of Leinster ( 35v )
  • Christian kings of Connaught ( 37v )
  • On the Munster families ( 97r )
  • Dál gCais ( 102v )

The book ends with various Greek and Latin fragments about the fall of Troy, including a fragment of the Aeneid.


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