Boomerang (roller coaster)

A boomerang from Vekoma

Boomerang is the name of a widely used steel roller coaster model of type shuttle coaster manufacturer Vekoma.

The special thing about the ride is that it has no closed route. The train is pulled by only one attached to a steel cable slide back out of the station on a 35.5 m high lift hill. Once at the top latches from the train, traveling from the tower forward, through the station and the following items, the eponymous Boomerang and looping, the second lift hill up. In this he is pulled by a chain lift up to the top and passes through the elements after the release backward until it is decelerated in the station.

In addition to the standard model, there is the Giant Inverted Boomerang Invertigo and the two versions of this layout where the trains under the rails hanging ( inverted coaster ).

The trains of the boomerang have seven cars with seating for four people (two rows of two people). This has a maximum capacity of 760 people per hour is possible. The trains are also built by Vekoma. However, some parks / operators are also trains from other manufacturers, so, for example, on the Boomerang in the Vienna Prater since the end of July 2007, a train of German company SAT Rides in use, which is characterized mainly by the absence of the usual shoulder strap.


There are currently 42 worldwide deliveries ( active or under construction). So far the only model in Germany is the boomerang in recreational land hostage wind. In Austria, a model is in the Vienna Prater.


Train running through the Boomerang

Boomerang Cobra in Power Park in an overall view

Boomerang Walibi Rhône -Alpes

Boomerang in Fantasilandia, a fun park in O'Higgins Park in Santiago, Chile.

World record on a Boomerang

On the Boomerang in the leisure Geiselwind a record was set in continuous roller coaster on August 19, 2006. The Hirschenauer Stefan Seemann presented in a total of 4,431 trips with a total running time of 228 hours the previous record, which was run on the Expedition GeForce, a. The record was recognized by Guinness and transferred into the Guinness Book of World Records. In August 2007, the record of the former owner, the American Richard Rodriguez, with a record-breaking run in the English Blackpool Pleasure Beach was broken again.

List of roller coasters type Boomerang

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