Booster Bike

Booster Bike at Toverland ( Sevenum, Limburg, Netherlands) is a steel roller coaster model from the manufacturer Vekoma Motorbike Coaster. The shot-down roller coaster opened on 27 July 2004. BoosterBike is the prototype of this roller coaster model. In February 2006, was opened in the Chinese Chimelong Paradise Motorbike Launch Coaster with an identical plant.

The seats of the Motorbike Coaster are like small motorcycles designed (hence the English name Motorbike ). The riders take on the attitude of a motorcyclist. Backed they will be supported by straps in the back and on both thighs.

Booster Bike has a train with eight carriages. In each car, two people can (a series ) take place.


From the station the train is transported by friction drive by a left-right combination of curves on the acceleration distance. Here, the train is a carriage which is attached to a hydraulic motor driven by steel cable, accelerated. During the acceleration of 0-75 km / h in 3 seconds of fast start is to be simulated on a motorcycle, which is supported by sounds of engines from speakers.

After the launch of the train first passes through a airtime hill. It is close to various curves, including a so-called " Horseshoe " ( horseshoe ) on. Two smaller hills are run over on his way back to the station again, where " Airtime " is felt before the train moves to the eddy current brake circuit. With friction wheels being conveyed out of the brake and, after a 180 degree turn to the station again.


The operator Toverland and the manufacturer Vekoma were awarded in 2005 for the web with the Innovation Award " FKF Award 2004" Friends of the Fairground and amusement parks eV.