Boot (torture)

A Spanish boots, Schraubstiefel or leg screw is a late medieval and early modern torture instrument that was used in the embarrassing questioning. It was used to extract confessions and thus belonged to the usual means of so-called truth.

The Spanish boot often consisted of two iron plates, which were adapted to the lower leg. These were placed around the shin and calf and then twisted together - some versions spanned only a foot. In simpler versions of a block of wood was used, which was studded with iron rails to be performed on the threaded rods. To increase the pain, wooden wedges ( Torture, Grandier combustion F. Helbig, ) were also beaten with different length and thickness between the boards. In the Spanish boots of the foot or the whole leg was individually clamped while getting hot pitch was infused. Frequently, occurred broken bones and bruises. The instrument was first used in Spain, was since the 16th century but almost spread throughout Europe. The Spanish boot was with the Inquisition and witch trials of minor importance. He served there probably almost exclusively of Territion.

Until the mid-18th century the Spanish boot was in Europe still in use. Prussia was the first state to abolish this form of torture.

In this Viennese torture leaving the expression ( " bring someone rudely to conduct " ) someone's Wadln of four layers

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