Boreczno ( German Schnellwalde ) is a town in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in northeastern Poland. The place belongs to Gmina Zalewo in powiat Iławski.


Boreczno lies in the moraine landscape of the Upper Lands, about 10 kilometers southeast of Zalewo. The surroundings of the town is marked by several lakes. In the immediate vicinity of the town is the Jezioro Piekło ( German Frauensee ).


Schnellwalde was founded by the Teutonic Order as hooves interest village.

From 1525 to 1945 Schnellwalde was the seat of an Evangelical Lutheran church. Until 1819 it was placed under the Pomesanischen Konstistorium in Saalfeld. As part of the territorial reorganization of Prussia after the Napoleonic Wars, the Protestant diocese Morag was formed in 1819, the Schnellwalde was slammed. The Office of the Superintendent was carried out by pastors in addition to office and was not tied to any particular location. Thus the diocese Morag 1871-1877 by Schnellwalde from managed ( Superintendent of Behr ). In 1902, the Diocese of Saalfeld was recharge, Schnellwalde was slammed this.

In 1900, belonged to the parish Schnellwalde the places Schnellwalde (village and Good), Albrecht forest, Auer (village and Good), Bukowitzwerder, Chmilowken, Dittersdorf, Gablauken, glory, Great Karni tablets and small Karni tablets, Kerpen (village and Good), Kraggenkrug, Leißnersberg, Linde Werder, Nosewitz, Pieclo, Pomehlen, Noble and Royal Schliewe, Skittlauken, Skulten, Schoenaich, Ulpitten, Weepers and Wilhelmswalde. The priest was at the same local school inspector of the elementary schools in Schnellwalde, Auer, Dittersdorf, Gr. Karni tablets, Kerpen and Weepers, involving a total of 8 teachers were hired. Patron of the parish was Freiherr von Albedyll - Karni tablets. The community had about 2,500 members.

The parish archives of Schnellwalde is obtained for the term 1802-1888 and forms an element in the State Archives Olsztyn.

1874, the rural community Schnellwalde was incorporated in the District Karni tablets in a circle Morag. The rural community of Albrecht forest and the Gutsbezirk Schnellwalde were amalgamated in 1928. The community Schnellwalde existed in this form until 1945.

Development since 1945

After integration into the Polish state Schnellwalde was renamed Boreczno. From 1946 to 1954 Gmina Boreczno existed in the powiat Morąskie in the province Olstyn. From 1952 to the Gmina was divided into 15 Gromadas: Boreczno, Duba, Dziśnity, Huta Wielka Janiki Małe Janiki Wielkie Liksajny, Lisówka, Surbajny, Surzyki Wielkie Śliwa Urowo, Wielowieś, Wieprz and Winiec. In the course of the Polish administration reform, the Gmina 1954 was dissolved. When the gminas were restored in 1973, Boreczno could not profit from this, but the Gmina Zalewo was connected.

Boreczno has centrally local significance for the southern part of Gmina Zalewo. It is the seat of the Gmina Office Schulz Zalewo to the still Śliwa heard.

The place is seat of a Roman Catholic rectory, from which also the affiliated churches in Jaśkowo and Międzychód (chapel ) are managed. The parish is part of the Dean's Office Miłomłyn in the Diocese of Elbląg.

In 2000, the primary school has been extended by a large new building.

A major employer is a furniture factory.

Pictures of Boreczno