Borghetto Santo Spirito

Borghetto Santo Spirito ( in Ligurian: Burghéttu ) is a municipality with 5050 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Italian region of Liguria. Politically it belongs to the province of Savona.


Borghetto Santo Spirito is located at the foot of Piccarohügels (281 meters ), at the mouth of the river Varatella. The municipality belongs to the Comunità Montana Pollupice and is located approximately 36 kilometers away from the provincial capital Savona.

According to the Italian classifications for seismic activity Borghetto Zone 3 has been assigned. This means that the municipality is in a seismically active zone little.

Coat of arms

Description: Blue and Gold divided; above a gold- armored white dove with outstretched wings and below a red continuous wicked cross. Bound over the shield a silver neuntürmige crenellated wall crown and sign foot on a golden ribbon with the motto in black capital letters " UNIVERSITAS BURGETI 1294 " and an olive and an oak branch with a ribbon in the Italian national colors.


The municipality is classified under climate category C, since the number of degree days has a value of 1360. This means that in Italy legally regulated heating season is between November 15 and March 31 for 10 hours per day.


The economy of Borghetto Santo Spirito has as main pillars of tourism. In addition, the cultivation of grapes and vegetables such as asparagus and artichokes, plays a greater role. In Borghetto also fruit products are produced (peaches and apricots).