Borstel- Hohenraden is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein.

Geography and transport

Borstel- Hohenraden lies between the county town of Pinneberg, the community and the grief field Quickbornerheide district Rentzel. The municipality comprises the villages of Borstel and Hohenraden. Through the village leads the national road No. 76, Pinneberg and Quick Born and the two A7 Hamburg -Flensburg and Hamburg A23 - Itzehoe together.


The first mention of Borstel ( Borstele ) dates from the year 1388th The first mention of the district Hohenraden goes back to the year 1638.


Since the local elections of 2013, the SPD five, the FDP and the CDU community four has four seats in the municipal council. Mayor is Jürgen Rahn CDU.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " Argent, a narrower blue wave beams over a wider; about the doorless lisenengegliederte red front of a school house with 16 windows in two rows, hipped roof and clock Dachrisalit with four windows. "

The reproduced in the arms schoolhouse is the first joint school of the two villages Borstel and Hohenraden that formed a common peasantry already in vorpreußischer time. The two unequal wave bars represent the situation Borstel- High wheel between the two rivers Pinnau and Bilsbek, of which the Pinnau which is significantly larger.

Culture and sights


Borstel- Hohenraden is on the one hand still dominated by agriculture, but is also a popular residential location in the Hamburg area. Structurally ago, the community Borstel- Hohenraden has developed in recent years from an agricultural community into a residential community, however, the region is dominated by agriculture even today.


The sports club TuS Borstel- Hohenraden is a club with lots of sporting activities in which the club regionally already celebrated great successes. Especially the youth work bears rich fruit. Furthermore, there is a shooting club Borstel- Hohenraden, which is the second smallest club in the district of Pinneberg. Again, the youth is again strongly encouraged.

The Flight Technical Community Borstel- Hohenraden (short: FTG Borstel- Hohenraden ) is a model aircraft club with a long tradition in Borstel- Hohenraden. The flying field is located north of Borstel- Hohenraden.


  • Eka of calving (* 1964), Group Chairman of Alliance 90/The Greens in the Schleswig- Holstein Landtag, lives in Borstel- Hohenraden.