Burzoe ( Bozorgmehr or Borzoyeh ) was a Persian physician and statesman of the Sassanid Iran in the 6th century. Burzoe was chancellor and physician to the Persian Shah Khosrau I. ( Anuschiravan ) and scholar at the Academy of Gundischapur. He translated the Indian Panchatantra from Sanskrit into the Middle Persian Pahlavi language. The book was later known as Kalila wa Dimna. The work contains fables and stories in which animals play the main role.

The book " Pandnamak -i Vozurg - Mihr -i Buchtakan " is also attributed Burzoe. Also this has been translated into several modern languages.

Burzoe was a chess champion. The invention of the game Backgammon in the old version is attributed Burzoe.

His introduction to the " Kalila wa Dimna " shows that Burzoe was an atheist, or a follower of the materialistic- atheistic Zurvanismus, if his words are not imputed to his translator in the New Persian language.