Bosley Crowther

Bosley Crowther Francis Jr. ( born July 13, 1905 in Lutherville, Maryland, † March 7, 1981 in Mount Kisco, New York) was an American film critic and journalist.


Bosley Crowther Francis Jr. was born in Maryland, but grew up in Winston- Salem, North Carolina, where he is already the neighborhood newspaper, The Evening Star published as a teenager. Then his family moved to Washington, DC, where in 1922 he earned his degree at Western High School. After two more years at the Woodberry Forest School in Orange, Virginia, he began studying at Princeton University, where he graduated with a major in history. After studying him an offer was from Arthur Hays Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times, submitted to work as a journalist for 30 U.S. dollars per week. Crowther leaned from the moment in the hope of earning more money elsewhere. But after other offers rare promised more than half of Merit, he nevertheless accepted it and became the first night club reporter for the Times. The theater critic Brooks Atkinson asked him some time later to join the culture part, whereupon Crowther over five years, wrote theater reviews for the Times.

From 1938 Crowther worked for the film industry, and after Frank S. Nugent was poached by Hollywood as a screenwriter, he took over the management of the department until 1967. After he resigned from his post, he remained on the newspaper received and worked part-time as a consultant for film development at Columbia Pictures.

Crowther was with Florence Marks, an employee of the New York Times that he married on January 20, 1933 married. Crowther died on March 7, 1981 of a heart attack.


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