Boss Corporation

BOSS is a trademark of Roland Corporation. The product range includes guitar effect pedals for electric guitars and basses, effects pedals, rhythm computers, audio recorders, Tuners, and other electronic devices for musicians.

The Roland Corporation brings this in certain areas scaled-down and cheaper versions of their high-end products under the brand name Boss out. The company is recognized as one of the world's leading manufacturer of effect pedals and enjoys a good reputation among electric guitarists.


The first products under the brand name BOSS were introduced in 1974. It was preamp for acoustic guitars. This was a product of the Beckmann Musical Instruments and was also manufactured under the name BOSS by this company. The first stand-alone product was the chorus pedal CE-1, a chorus ensemble. It was introduced in 1976 and was borrowed from the Chorus unit of the Roland JC -120 amplifier.

Due to the success of this device (for example, Andy Summers of The Police used it ) it was decided to establish a number of other stompboxes to create an entire product series. This series included the famous Overdrive (OD -1) Phaser (PH -1) and the parametric equalizer ( SP-1. In the following year the famous DS-1 Distortion, Chorus (CE -2) and the touch came Wah (TW -1) to do so. Completing the series was run in the next few years through the flanger (BF -2), the digital delay (DD -2) the Turbo Distortion (DS -2), the Metal Zone (MT -2) and the Heavy Metal distortion (HM -2).

In 1988, the first BOSS multi-effects unit with all important effects in a pedal board together on the market ( ME -5). In these devices is processed and developed by Roland COSM technique by which effects, in particular the reproduction of types of amplifiers may be implemented digitally ( Modeling ).

While the early devices was built in Japan were moved to production later to Taiwan to save costs. The well-known design that was retained ( with slight modifications ).

Many of the early effects units of the BOSS brand have today become collectors' items. Since the vintage sound has enjoyed increasing popularity, is also to be expected that this trend continues.

Effect devices

Multi-effect devices

Under the brand name BOSS three multi-effects units for guitar and three multi- effects units for bass are offered. They are supplied as a floor board with corresponding footswitches. In addition, a multi-effects device that was specifically designed for practice, can be connected to both the guitar and bass as well as a microphone. All units operate with the so-called COSM technology to digitally modeled at the amp models and effects.

Top model in the guitar multi-effects is the GT 100, the 26 amp models with two channels and 22 distortion pedals as well as 35 effects provides. These can can be combined as desired. 200 factory settings are permanently stored additional 200 separate programs can be stored. The effects can be set over eight controller, wherein the display above it indicating what is being adjusted. The device has plenty of connection options for other equipment, guitars and amplifiers, which all possibilities can be realized. Eight footswitches and an expression pedal allow the operation of the appliance by foot. The ME 70 is the mid-range model. It has to be directly influenced by regulator over six different amp models. The four switchable effects have their own operation section and the effects can be turned on and off via footswitch. Also, the ME 70 has numerous ports, you can for example connect additional footswitch, with which you can switch whole effect banks. For beginners there is the ME 25 with less effects, but have the same quality as the ME 70. Also the handling due to reduced controls is difficult. The Bass multi effects are similarly structured and similar to the guitar multi-effects to be seen. Only the upper-class device is based on the previous model, the 100 GT, the GT 10 The Bass multi effects are marked with a B at the end of the product.

Stomp boxes

The stompboxes offered under the name BOSS divided into two groups. The normal stomp boxes (as in the picture on the right ) have a foot switch, but there are also twin stomp boxes with corresponding two footswitches. In the simple stomp boxes, the DS -1 Distortion is one of the legendary effects. Since 1978 the program has been and is still used by many well-known guitarists such as Steve Vai, Mike Stern, Kurt Cobain and Joe Satriani. Also at the legendary pedals, but is not available anymore, the OD -1 Overdrive (pictured). It was used from about Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi. The pedal has been replaced by the SD -1 Super Overdrive, which is still available and has many fans.

Pedals compact series: Distortion: SD -1, OD -3, OS -2 and DN -3 (Overdrive ), DS -1, DS-2, MD -2, AD -2 ( Distortion), ML -2, MT -2 ( Metal), FZ -5 ( Fuzz ), FB-2 (booster), BL -2, FBM -1 ( Fender Bassman ), FDR -1 ( Fender Deluxe Reverb ), BC -2 ( British Combo ) ST-2 (Marshall stack) ( amp model ). Modulation: TR-2 (Tremolo ), CH -1, CE -5 ( Chorus), PH -3 ( Phaser ), BF -3 ( flanger ), AW -3 ( auto wah ), delay and reverb DD -7, DD -3, TE -2 ( Digital Delay ), RV -5, FRV -1 ( Fender 63 reverb) ( Hall ), other: PS -6 ( Pich shifter), OC -3 ( Octave ), CS -3 ( Compressor ), AC -3 ( Acustic simulator), GE -1 ( equalizer), MO -2 ( overtone simulator), RC -3 ( Looper ), NS -2 ( noise suppressor ), TU -3 ( tuner), LS-2 ( Line Selector ), bass effects: LMB -3 Bass Enhancer / Limiter, ODB -3 ( bass overdrive ), GEB -7 (bass equalizer), CEB -3 ( Bass Chorus ) and SYB -5 ( bass synthesizer ).

Pedal the Twin series: DD -20 ( Digital Delay ), RE -20 ( Analog Delay ), RC -30 ( looper ), RT-20 (Leslie ), SL -20 ( Slicer ), under the brand name Roland with the same design: GR -D ( Multi Distortion), V- Gutar Space ( guitar synthesizer).

Effects for Acoustic Guitars

BOSS uses COSM technology also effects for acoustic guitars. So you have two multi effects for acoustic guitars in the program, which can reach a lot of sounds. The simpler device AD-3 provides an equalizer, chorus and reverb ready hachwertigere the AD -8 modeled different types of guitars, strings and sizes, plus there is also a hall and an equalizer. Both devices are controlled via footswitch.

Accessories for Guitar

Boss offers a whole range of different tuners on for many different applications. They range from simple to complex guitar tuners for tools for all applications. There are pedal -Cases for stomp boxes and metronomes. Also, a whole range of loopers available from very simple looper to fully programmable multi - loopers. Furthermore, you can a whole lot of foot switches and push-buttons and Fußschwellerpedale that you can connect to the effect devices.

Effects for vocals

Under the name BOSS multi-effects for singers are represented on the market. This so-called vocalists come in different forms. The most popular form is also a floor effect, which is operated by two foot pedals and was constructed in the same form as the Twin pedals for guitar effects.

Drum machine

Sales Roland 's famous drum machine under his own name, so he soon came added the BOSS Dr. Rhythm, who got great popularity. Today, all the drum machine from the house of Roland are sold under the brand name BOSS. Two types are currently on offer. The rather simple DR- 3, which is meant to be used for practice and it holds many different rhythms ready. Even for the professional sector is the DR -880, which holds up 440 sounds, with which one can create sophisticated drums and percussion tracks.

Multi Tracker

Who wants to create demos of his own songs, the BOSS offers various multi-track recorder, with which one can create his music production. The two very simple device Micro BR BR 80 and provide four or eight tracks and some ways of post-processing. They are more suitable for capturing ideas. For more demanding demos the device BR -800, BR- 1200CD and BR- 1600CD with 8, 12 or 16 tracks are suitable.

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