Boston University

Boston University is a private university in Boston, Massachusetts. With 30,000 students, it is the fourth largest private university in the United States.

  • 4.1 lecturers
  • 4.2 graduates


The Boston University was established as the first Methodist seminary in 1839 in Newbury, Vermont. 1847 This seminar was moved to Concord in New Hampshire, before finding his present place in 1867 in Boston. The name Boston University in 1869 awarded.

Study conditions

Organizational structure

The Boston University consists of six colleges and nine schools. The best known are the faculties of Philosophy, dentistry, education, law, medicine and theology. The Faculty of Medicine is very large, and is located on a separate campus.

The university has an outdoor location in Brussels, the Boston University Brussels and in Rome, the Boston University Rome.


The Boston University has its own university theater and a very large library named Mugar Library, which is the largest of the 16 located on the campus libraries. Around 1.9 million print volumes and a further 3.1 million volumes on microfilm are located there. The Documentation Centre is part of the library and is an information center on the two American poet Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. The University has, among other personal items of famous personalities such as Theodore Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Bette Davis and Fred Astaire.


The sports teams of the Boston University Terriers are the BU. The university is a member of the America East Conference

Famous people


  • Theodore Antoniou, conductor, professor of music
  • Isaac Asimov, writer, professor of chemistry
  • Alexander Graham Bell, a professor of elocution and physiology
  • Saul Bellow, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976
  • Peter L. Berger, a professor of sociology and theology
  • Norman Dello Joio, composer, professor of music
  • Lukas Foss, composer and conductor
  • Sheldon Lee Glashow, Nobel Prize in Physics 1979
  • Henry Giroux, professor of pedagogy
  • Ha Jin, Professor of English Literature
  • Leonid Levin, a professor of computer science
  • Louis Lowy, a professor at the School of Social Work ( establishment of systems theory as Leittheorie of social work )
  • Jaakko Hintikka, Professor of Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Osamu Shimomura, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2008
  • Whitney Smith, Vexilloge, Professor of Political
  • Eugene Stanley, a professor of physics, physiology, medical and chemical
  • Derek Walcott, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992
  • Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize 1986
  • Howard Zinn, Professor of History


Government and politics

  • William Russell LL.B. 1879, former Governor of Massachusetts
  • John L. Bates 1882, former Governor of Massachusetts
  • Albert O. Brown LL.B. 1884, former Governor of New Hampshire
  • William M. Butler LL.B. 1884, politicians
  • Anna Howard Shaw M.D. 1885, civil rights activist and women's rights activist
  • Samuel D. Felker LL.B. In 1887, former Governor of New Hampshire
  • David I. Walsh LL.B. 1897, former Governor of Massachusetts
  • Robert W. Upton LL.B. 1907, politicians
  • Paul A. Dever JD 1926, former Governor of Massachusetts
  • J. Howard McGrath, LL.B. 1929, former governor of Rhode Iceland and U.S. Attorney
  • Robert Stafford JD 1938, politicians
  • Thomas J. McIntyre, JD 1940, politicians
  • Louis Wade Sullivan MD 1958 U.S. Minister of Health 1989-1993
  • Lincoln Almond JD 1962, former governor of Rhode Iceland
  • Fred A. Leuchter, B. A. 1964, Holocaust deniers
  • William Cohen LL.B. 1965, Secretary of Defense in 1997 -2001
  • Martin Luther King, Ph.D 1965, American civil rights activist
  • Gary Locke JD, 1975, trade ministers from the United States
  • Judd Gregg LL.M. 1975, former Governor of New Hampshire
  • James Franklin Jeffrey MBA 1977, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey
  • James C. Marshall JD 1977, politicians
  • Martha Coakley JD 1979, Attorney General of Massachusetts
  • Robert McDonnell MBA 1980, Governor of Virginia
  • Keiko Fujimori B.Sc. 1997, Peruvian politician
  • Jhumpa Lahiri Ph.D in 1997, author and Pulitzer Prize Winner 2000
  • Giorgi Tsereteli in 2005, Georgian politicians
  • Keith B. Alexander MBA, director of the National Security Agency ( NSA)
  • Fred H. Brown not finish, former Governor of New Hampshire
  • Faisal al - Fayiz MA, Jordanian Prime Minister 2003-2005
  • Óscar Arias Sánchez not finish, President of Costa Rica

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