Botanischer Garten der TU Darmstadt

The Botanical Garden Darmstadt is a botanical garden in the southern Hessen university town of Darmstadt.


The history of the Botanic Garden begins Darmstadt in 1814. At this time the moat of the Darmstadt castle was with the water of the intestinal stream and this fed from the waste waters of the adjacent old town, which gave off an unbearable stench in the summer months. John Hess (1786-1837), an interested also in botany Grand Ducal Building Officer, therefore proposed a reclamation and the creation of a botanical garden on the grounds of newly acquired. On June 17, 1814, the Grand Duke agreed to the plans of Hess, this date can be regarded as the founding date.

Were in the scientifically planned facility primarily native plants - primarily herbaceous representatives - cultivated. With the horticultural maintenance of the court gardener Johann August average Spahn (1763-1842) was initially entrusted. Soon the plant proved to be totally inadequate, and so she was transferred to 1829/30 in the Manorial Bosquett, the present manor garden, where the botanical garden remained until 1838. Under the leadership of Johann August horticultural section Spahn and his son Gottfried (1790-1845), a new facility that was officially opened in 1831 was developed in cooperation with Hess.

In 1830, Georg Friedrich average Spahn ( 1810-1865, and after him the street name on today's botanical garden ), a younger brother of Godfrey, was appointed inspector garden. He was the first director of the Garden ( 1855 ) and also teachers at the higher commercial school, the forerunner of today's Technical University of Darmstadt.

After a new installation, the garden until 1848 took place on small Woog in the area of today's Merck square. Again followed a move: In the years 1849-1863 he was in the area of Wilhelmine place. In this system, there were two greenhouses, which allowed first to cultivate greenhouse plants. This garden had 1864/65 the construction of the new Palais soft. His new home was a one -hectare lease area in the dairy Park on the Frankfurt street, which quickly proved to be too small.

At government expense the property of Achenmühle could (named after a councilor from Darmstadt ) east of Woogs be purchased at the Roßdörfer road; for off-road and laying 1874 35 700 guilders was spent. The first director of the new garden and a professor at the Technical University in the field of microscopy, cells, histology was Leopold Dippel, whose interest was also the Dendrology. Over the years, together with the horticultural manager Peter Schmidt, he wore a still significant collection of foreign trees and shrubs together. On April 1, 1897, the garden of the Technical University of Darmstadt was affiliated.

According to Schmidt's death in 1888, Joseph Anton Purpus ( 1860-1932 ) was appointed to the garden inspector. Through him and his brother Carl Anton, a famous traveler and collector, came a number of new plants in the garden. The series of garden inspectors and leaders sat 1926 Friedrich Wilhelm Kesselring ( 1876-1966 ), a humble man with extensive plant knowledge and deep piety, continued. After his retirement in 1947 of the widely known about Darmstadt addition dendrologist Franz Börner took over ( 1897-1975 ) the Office. From 1965 to 1992 Achim Knight led with great personal use Botanic Garden.


The Botanical Garden serves as home to various events. So is there some years instead of the art and design exhibition "Art of Eden".

Geographical Location

The Botanical Garden is located in Darmstadt -east not far from the northernmost point of the Odenwald. North of the institute behind the B 26 is already the Lower Main.