Bound for Glory (film)

This land is my land is an American film director Hal Ashby of Drama from 1976 and depicts the life of the American folk singer Woody Guthrie ( 1912-1967 ).


In the 30s of the 20th century Woody lives with his wife Mary in Texas. As stubborn casual workers, he lives with his wife in modest circumstances. As a tramp he tries to get to California. After some difficulty he manages, but again he only sees unemployment, misery and hopelessness.

The singer with his guitar Ozark visited the plantation workers and tries to get them to join a union. He noticed Woody and invites him to audition at a radio station. In fact, Woody makes the leap and even got his own show in which he carries on the trade union thought. Thus he encounters many obstacles.


" Not now measuring this film on its degree of fidelity to the history, then you will indeed still come up against many unnecessary decoration and art will, but must recognize but that Ashby did a of figures and motifs very rich and round film who is also in his political image blur even credible a logical and necessary politicization shows, the price ( both private and commercial ) does not conceal and at least spared the songs of Woody Guthrie in the reenactment before each smoothness. "


For the role of Woody Guthrie, the singer Tim Buckley was provided, but died before filming began. The cameraman Garrett Brown used the first time that he developed Steadicam in a movie.